Abrasive Recuperation

Abrasive Recuperation

If you already own sandblast equipment or if you wish to start recycling your abrasive, our abrasive recuperation systems are ideal. There exist systems for all types of abrasives. You will be able to eliminate undesired particles in your sandblast and increase productivity of your employees as well as reducing your operation costs.


 SPR 9600 system

This pneumatic system is designed especially for steel shot and grit.  It can easily be added to your current system and does not require expensive concrete work.

The system can include:

  • Section on which the abrasive is pushed and then sucked to the recuperation system. Available in 4 or 8 feet section.

  • High static fan specially designed to pull steel abrasive.
  • A cyclone separates contaminants from abrasives, fine particles are sent to the dust collector.
  • Abrasive is returned to the pressure vessel ready for use.
  •  900 CFM cartridge dust collector collects the fines

System for light abrasives

The system can also be designed for light abrasives. The floor sections are available in different volumes and design. The installation can be done with or withouth digging a section in your cement floor. To be used with the following abrasives: Aluminum oxyde, plastic media, glass bead, silicon carbide.

Mechanical system with endless screw and bucket elevator.

Built for use with metallic abrasives, these custom built systems can be installed to cover 100 % of your sandblast room or to have jsut one section. Consult one of our expert for these systems.

Bucket elevator, with or without airwash system to clean the abrasives before it returns to the pressure pot.

   Endless screw and bar grating