cartridge Dust collector

cartridge Dust collector

Abratech has a complet line of dust collectors from our M-2 designed for intensive use with sandblasting cabinets to our heavy industrial Wheelabrator type cartridge filter. These units are highly appreciated by our customers with an efficiency rated at 99.97% on o.3 micron particles when used with HEPA filters as after filter. Capacities range from 700 CFM  to 50,000 CFM.

M-2 cartridge DUST collector

Capacity of 700 CFM

These dust collectors are ideal for suction cabinets or production cabinets than are smaller than 48in. wide in order to properly evacuate the dust generated by the sandblast process.

Dimensions: 23 in. large x 36 in.  deep x 79 in. high

120 V. 1 ph.

HEPA filter 99.97%  @ 0.3 micron offered as an option

 M-4 cartridge dust collector

Capacity  700 or 900 CFM

This upgrade to the M2 collector is necessary when a larger cabinet is utilised or if you are working with fine abrasives like aluminum oxide smaller than 100 grit.

36 in. large x 47 in. deep x 79 in. high

120 V. 1 ph. or 600 V. 3ph

HEPA filter 99.97% @ 0.3 microns offered as an option


M-6 cartridge dust collector






The M-6 is rated at 1200 CFM. Fabricated from 11 ga. carbon steel to maintain  its integrity up to 15″ w.g.  The wiring, solenoids and valves are installed at the exterior of the unit.



RPJH cartridge dust collector

Capacity available from 900 to 2500 CFM. The cartridges are replaced from the top therefore space is needed above the collector.

Blast-it-All dust collector

Made to measure capacity. Hepa after filter is available as an option.

 Wheelabrator type cartridge dust collector

Made to measure capacity (up to 50,000 cfm) heavy duty construction available with ladder, access platform, photohelic gauge, rotary valve and after filter.