Plastic media

Plastic media

Plastic media is an abrasive mainly used in the aerospace industry. This abrasive is ideally used to remove paint without affecting the substrate (nothing will be removed other than the paint).  Plastic media, when used in a pressure cabinet provides a speed of execution hard to acheive with other medias.



Urea Plastic Type II

Most aggresive plastic media that we have in stock.

  • Available in the following sizes ; 12/16   16/20   20/30   30/40
  • Meets the following standard ;  Spec Mil-P-85891-A

Acrylic Plastic Type V

Plastic media less aggresive than urea

  • Available in the following sizes ;  12/16   16/20   20/30    30/40
  • Meets the following standard ; Spec Mil-P-85891-A

Other media available

  • TYPE I : Polyester
  • TYPE III: Melamine
  • TYPE VI : Clearcut