Pressure Cabinet

Pressure Cabinet

Pressure cabinets allow you to blast with steel shot and grit as well as delicate abrasives. It is said in the industry that one pressure cabinet outperforms 3 suction cabinets.  Talk to one of our specialist about your application.

Pressure Cabinet – Industrial usage

Cabinet de sablage à pression | Usage intensif

The MAGNUM pressure cabinet offers an excellent price/quality ratio. Available dimensions are  44’’ x 36’’ or 55’’ x 42’’  and offer a solution to the majority of sandblasting jobs. Each unit comes equipped with a 1 cu.ft. pressure pot, sandblast hose, nozzle and bag dust collector 700 cfm.

The following options are available.:

Pressure Cabinet – Shot peening :

Cabinet de sablage à pression - usage industriel

Specially designed for heavy media used in shot peening (steel shot /grit and cut wire). Each unit comes with 1.0 cu. ft. pressure vessel, sandblast hose, nozzle and bag collector. Since this unit is for shot peening, the pressure pot is found directly under the cabinet, and for most applications, natural rubber is lined inside the cabinet for added protection.

Options available:

Pressure Cabinet – Custom buit:

Our systems can be custom built to fit your needs with 1 , 2 or multiple worksations.

Width from 40 in. to 120 in.

Depth 24in. to 48 in.

Example of a pressure system (3.5 cu. ft) with cyclone and storage hopper