Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

Abratech is an authorised distributor of Bullard Safety products ( which includes sandblasting helmets and all respiratory protection equipment

Sandblasting hood with breathable air

GenVX Blasting Helmet


The new GenVX sandblasting helmet is designed to be the lightest, coolest and most comfortable hood in the industry. For a limited time, purchase a GenVX hood and get a free air cooler!!


We keep all replacement parts for the hoods:

      • Inner and outer lenses
      • Breathing hoses, twin line, valves
      • Heating and cooling accesories
      • Suspensions et more…

 Air Filtering/monitoring

A 7 stage carbon activated filter is used to allow using compressed air from your lines to feed the breathing apparatus as long as your compressor does not send too much oil. Can be adapted to one, two or many operators.

For even more safety, use a carbon monoxyde detector with external air pump.

Moniteur de CO

Air Filter

Multistage carbon activated filter allows you to breathe clean air (provided your compressor does not leak oil)

Available: Carbon monoxyde detector, electric pump for clean air.

Sandblast suit

Our sandblast suits are specially designed for work in sandblast environment.

  • Available from size Médium to 3XL


A step further in the comfort of sandblasting. This parka allows air (cold or hot) to circulate freely keeping the operator in controlled environment.  Anyone that uses one will not want to give it away, a must for your operation !

Air cooling / heating

  • Air cooler – cooling system AC 1000
  • Air cooler / heater  HC 2400

Don’t forget to look at our replacement parts.

Breathable air filter


Cape and sandblasting suit

Other options:

  • air cooling system AC 1000
  • air cooling / heating
  • Parka to cool off the entire body

Don’t forget to see our full range of replacement parts for your sandblasting equipment.