• Aluoxide

    Aluminum oxide

    Aluminium oxide is a non ferrous, very aggresive media excellent in the preparation of surfaces for painting, thermal spray, the application of teflon, etc…  It is ideal for stainless steel and aluminium as it does not rust.  Sizes available : 8,12,14, 16, 20, 24 , 30, 36, 46, 54, …

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  • Steelshot2

    Steel shot and grit

    Abratech is the exclusive distributor in eastern Canada for Ervin Industries, a world class manufacturer of steel shot and grit. They are renowned for the excellent quality of their product. They are among other things the only manufacturer to meet the miltary specification AMS 2431 (for shot …

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  • Glassbead

    Glass Bead

    Glass bead is a media used in sandblasting to provide a satin finish and for peening applications. Unlike glass beads produced in China, the glass bead produced in North America does not exceed the limits established by the heavy metal industry (Arsenic < 75ppm, lead <100 ppm). The glass …

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  • Plasticmedia1

    Plastic media

    Plastic media is an abrasive mainly used in the aerospace industry. This abrasive is ideally used to remove paint without affecting the substrate (nothing will be removed other than the paint).  Plastic media, when used in a pressure cabinet provides a speed of execution hard to acheive …

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  • Cutwire

    cut wire

    Used mainly for shot peening applications, cut wire is renowned for its long lasting life. It produces less dust than steel shot and provides a superior finish.  Available in cut wire and conditioned cut wire.       Conditioned cut wire especially for shot peening application. Quasi-spherical shot, because of its tight tolerance on …

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  • Corncob1

    Corn cob

    Corn cob is a soft abrasive ideal for working with wood or any other fragile surface. Application example: cleaning log cabins       It is also used quite frequently in vibratory equipment for final polishing and drying of parts. Sizes available 10/14 14/20 20/40

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  • Mediaceramique


    We offer many types of media for vibratory finishing. Laboratory testing The best way to select media (and vibratory equipment) is to perform testing in laboratory setting. We offer this service to our customers to produce the best method for your applications.  Composition Available     Plastic …

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  • specialized abrasives

    Abratech has an impressive inventory of specialized abrasives. Do not hesitate to contact us for your specific needs.  The following are some of the specialized abrasives we have; Olivine or jet mag – for use in sandblasting applications without recycling Recycled glass bead White aluminium oxide Silicone carbide

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