Suction Cabinet

Suction Cabinet

The following suction cabinets are ideal for light to medium sandblasting jobs.  The blast is controlled by a pneumatic pre For more intense sandblasting jobs please refer to our pressure cabinets.  Please refer to our table below for compressed air requirements. 

Range of products

Suction cabinet- entry level :

Cabinet de sablage à succion - Entrée de gamme

Our “Little Blaster” entry level cabinets  are available in two sizes : 24″ x 40″ and 24″ x 48″. Known for their efficiency and durability these cabinets will provide you with years of service. Each unit includes a cyclone and dust bag collector. The following options are available.

Suction cabinets  - intensive use

Cabinet de sablage à succion - Usage intensif

Our “Magnum” sandblasting cabinets offer you excellent quality/price.The ”Magnum” is available in the following sizes: 44″ x 36″ or 55″ x 42″ and is able to handle the majority of all tasks. Each unit includes a cyclone and a dust bag collector. The following options are available:

Suction cabinet  - automated system

Cabinet de sablage à succion - Système automatisé

Our automated sandblasting cabinets are made to measure for your specific applications and to meet your productivity and surface finish requirements.

Available options


  • Fixed turnteble inside the cabinet
  • Turntable on rail system for heavy parts loading by fork lift or overhead crane.



Suction gun


Compressed air arrives from the back of the gun, creating a vacuum that pulls abrasives from the bottom of the gun. Our suction gun design has been perfected over the years to offer the most efficient performance.

Compressed Air requirements

Pressure 40 PSI 60 PSI 80 PSI 100 PSI
Nozzle 1/4″ 12 CFM 17 CFM 21 CFM 25 CFM
Nozzle 5/16″ 19 CFM 27 CFM 34 CFM 41 CFM
Nozzle 3/8″ 27 CFM 37 CFM 47 CFM 57 CFM