Vibratory equipment

Vibratory equipment

Vibratory equipment is used to accomplish various repetitive tasks such as:

  • Polishing
  • Sharp edge removal
  • Radiusing
  • Etc.

We offer a vast variety of equipment for vibratory finishing :


Vibratory Bowl

  • Ideal for repetitve process of small parts
  • From 1.5 cu. ft. to 40 cu. ft.
  • Available options: automatic loading of parts, magnetic separation etc.


Vibratory Tub

  • Ideal for long parts that would not fit in a bowl
  • From 3cu. ft to 100 cu. ft.



Water treatment systems

  • Allows processed and clean water to return to sewer safely without any contaminants.
  • Helps recycle compound used in process.





High Energy Disk

  • Automatic complex systems when work cannot be done in a bowl.